Winner Winner, Organic, Free- Range Paleo Chicken Dinner! Who’s it gonna be?

The Challenge is coming to a close. We’ve heard some great stories and we know some people have made some big changes.
It’s time to re-test some performance markers.

You have until Saturday, March 24th to re-do the AMRAP 7 min Burpee WOD (metabolic conditioning marker) AND the Snatch/Clean & Jerk (strength endurance marker).

You can do these WODs in place of any WOD this week and you are responsible for finding your own partner for judging. If you are only doing the Wellness Challange and not the Open , you can do one of these WODs instead of 12.5 this Saturday. Perform the WODs exactly as you did at the beginning of the Challenge . Post your name and results to the final score sheet that will be available at the box.

You will also need to weigh-in and measure by this Saturday. You can do this any time this week. Manda, Kelly, or Mal can weigh you in.

Points will be awarded on weight, inches, WOD reps improved and participation in the Nutrition posts. Winners will be announced the following Saturday, March 31st at the Paleo Potluck.

Good luck everyone!!