CrossFit Bako is a different type of gym- in fact it’s almost insulting to call it a “gym.” CrossFit Bako is a community of people who are committed to getting stronger and finding their limit. The more you immerse yourself with the CrossFit Bako way, you come to realize it’s truly is a way of life.

-Abraham Rivera

CrossFit Bako has been a significant blessing in my life and my only regret is that I did not start CrossFit sooner. Personally, I have seen strength gains, improvements in body composition, increases in energy levels, and a renewed passion for working out and eating healthy. However, the item that distinguishes CF Bako from all else is the fact that intense physical challenges are conquered within the context of community–a community which accepts you as you are, but  a community that cares too much to leave you as you are and therefore pushes you and encourages you to surpass even your own expectations.

-Tim Paulsen

It doesn’t matter what your level of Crossfit is, because Crossfit Bako is great about working with each individual and finding a way to make each WOD still a great workout and challenge! Everyone always has a great attitude and Manda, Steve, Ron and now Art all do great at keeping everyone motivated!

-Cassi Baugh

All of my life I have enjoyed working out. In my late twenties somehow I lost my passion for fitness and I stopped. Then, 8 months later, 25 pounds heavier, and with nothing to wear – I decided it was time to get back into shape. I learned about CrossFit Bako through a friend and started attending classes. I fell in love with it! The trainers took care of everything, planning the workouts, telling me what to eat…the only thing I had to do was to show up and give it my all!I learned that my speed, strength, body weight exercises (like pushups), you name it, sucked. Right then I set goals for myself and have met them. I know I still have a long way to go, but CrossFit Bako has given me back my passion to improve myself!

I have lost 15 of the 25 pounds that I gained AND I’m back to my old size. CrossFit has eliminated a lot of my insecurities that I had about my body. I have always had a big butt and skinny legs. Through CrossFit I have cosmetically repaired my body without surgery! You could say I got a butt lift and leg implants!
-Cristina Esberre

After spending the last 13 years as a flyer on cheerleading teams, it’s safe to say I had never picked up a barbell (or anything heavier than a 10 lb dumbbell) before I walked into CrossFit Bako. I would have never imagined one day saying, “I lift weights!” but, CFB proved me wrong on that one. Each WOD is different, and it keeps the classes interesting and exciting. The best part of CrossFit Bako is the community that supports you not only during your best WODs and lifts, but also during those times you struggle to finish a WOD or pick up a heavier weight. Thanks for everything, you guys are awesome!

-Megan Brill