New to CrossFit

STEP 1 – Try a class for FREE!

Your first CrossFit experience shouldn’t be intimidating, painful, or stressful.  We have dedicated classes for first-timers.  We will ask you a few questions about your current fitness level, and then scale the workout accordingly to ensure you get an effective and challenging workout.  This class also allows us to welcome you to our community and allows you to check out our facility, culture, and class structure without being thrown in to the deep end.  No sales pitch or pressure to sign-up at the end.

To sign up for a free intro class click HERE!



Once you’ve tried a free intro class and are ready to join, our FOUNDATIONS course is required.  In this class we cover the 9  basic movements of CrossFit, gymnastic and other skills, box etiquette, and vocabulary.  This helps keep everyone on the same page with all trainers.  The group classes are fast paced – the orientation class will cover some do’s and don’ts for your safety and the safety of other members. Each class will cover lifts and skills, followed with a workout incorporating these new movements.


*Testing out of FOUNDATIONS

If you are able to demonstrate knowledge of the barbell movements and demonstrate adequate conditioning during your free intro class, you may have the option to test out of FOUNDATIONS.  You can talk to your trainer during your free intro class for more info.