Lift heavy. Run fast. Eat clean. Sleep. Sounds easy no?

Workout for 110211:

1. Deadlift 5+ (add 5# from last weeks 5RM or 5+ and pull as many reps as possible).

2. 2011 Games Masters WOD #1
For time:
21 Overhead squats
21 Hand-release push-ups
150 yard Shuttle run
15 Overhead squats
15 Hand-release push-ups
100 yard Shuttle run
9 Overhead squats
9 Hand-release push-ups
50 yard Shuttle run

Guys 95#/Gals 65#

Picture: Caption contest!!

I have two.

1. Cassi: OMG Tim there’s a huge spider over your shoulder!
Tim: Eh, I’m not scared. I’m CrossFit.

2. Cassi: So, Tim, what do you think about all this CrossFit business anyway?
Tim: Eh, it just comes naturally to me.