CrossFit Bako Eats (Paleo)

      Hello my fellow CrossFitting peers of the past, present, and future! Welcome to the all-new CrossFit Bako food and nutrition blog/rambling/recipe posting. First off I would like to thank Steve and Manda for giving me the opportunity to post about something I have become quite passionate about over the past 9 months; FOOD! Second, I would like to state and emphasize that I am NOT A DOCTOR, nor do I plan to become one (nutritionist is more likely). I am just simply a stay at home mom that enjoys cooking and that has a little extra time to read about this wonderful thing called Paleo. I am excited to share all sorts of lovely resources and experiences I have encountered in my very own Paleo and CrossFit journey. My journey to get fit and live my life in the very healthiest way possible started 9 months ago after much pestering from my father. Since then I have accomplished so much including being the same size I haven’t been in 8 years, and the 110 pound clean and jerk I am so very proud of.  My goal for these writings is to help anyone and everyone in any way possible to achieve their nutritional goals. Please send me any and all questions that you may have pertaining to the Paleo lifestyle and I will try my very best to answer them. If I myself do not know the answer I will find it for you! The answers are all out there just waiting to be discovered!

Now on to the good stuff…

     Happy New Year everyone (a little late, I know)! With that being said, I think it is quite clear that the holidays are now long over with and we no longer have this as an excuse to make bad food choices. I being involved in the said group of people who chose to eat their way through the holidays in the least of Paleo ways, we are after all human! My reason for saying this is that even though the last couple of months may have had a horrible outlook as far as eating goes that does not mean it needs to continue on that path. It is time to wake up people! Pick yourself up off the ground covered in not-so-Paleo chocolate chip cookies, turkey gravy, and crescent rolls, and climb back on the wagon; the Paleo band wagon that is. If you have never had the pleasure of experiencing the Paleo band wagon then pack your bags, rid yourself of horrible food choices, and get ready for an amazing journey! Start today, right now, in this moment! Forget the past and look forward to your future. Do not spend your time wallowing in your regret of indulging in mommy’s homemade brownies, and grandma’s biscuits and gravy; YOU CAN DO IT! Start from scratch and think of this as a new beginning to a beautiful way of living. Take things one day at a time by switching out one meal at a time, or jump in full-fledged. Either way, do not give yourself any reason or excuse to not be successful, and most importantly NEVER GIVE UP! If you fall into a slump and splurge on some birthday cake, have no fear, Paleo is your best friend and can be quite forgiving. Set your goals in a way that will help you achieve them! Start small and work your way up to larger more ambitious goals. GOOD LUCK! There is never a better time to start then now. Do not make this just your New Year’s resolution; make it into an all-out life changing experience.  If you have already started your Paleo journey then I say welcome aboard friend and congratulations!

To those of you that are new to all of this, just Google” Paleo” and you will come up with more information than one can handle. Thankfully Paleo eating is one of the fastest growing food/diet “trends” (I hate using those words) and there is a plethora of good information out there. I am here to help you weed through it all in order to get the most of your experience. Each week I hope to post articles, blog entries, books, and other information all pertaining to healthy eating and the Paleolithic lifestyle. I will also be posting some awesome recipes and food ideas to help you all brush up on your cooking skills (I am not a professional cook either).  Again I say PLEASE do send me (or track me down at the box) ANY questions you may come across, I am here to help! Bear with me, I am new to this all and have a very rambunctious two year old on my hands, but I promise to help in any way possible to spread the Paleo word and get everyone on the right track to healthy eating/living. Until next time, Happy Eating!