Monday 1/8/2018 Changes:
Happy New year! There are some new changes coming to CrossFit Bako, we want to help make us all better. FIRST, there have been some changes to the program. Your coaches have come together and want to offer the most effective program to you guys. We hope you can enjoy it and as we go through start to understand the purpose and context of each day. SECOND, 9:15 AM will now be a Summertime class only until there is enough interest in another morning class time! As always if there are ever questions or comments for class times, email tyler@crossfitbako.com. THIRD, we as a gym want to help you keep track of your fitness and really utilize WODIFY. Everyone will be asked to sign in at the start of every class. That will require you to do this every time you attend class and be on time to class! All coaches will be enforcing our burpee penalty again.(Starting NEXT week, so practice doing it this week! Start the habit!!)

CrossFit Bako – Workout of the Day


Take Athletes through basic mechanics(TIght body and stacked positions, tripod, etc.) of the Handstand and progress towards a Handstand Push Up.


Test 1 C1 (Time)

For Time:

15 DB Thrusters 55/40 or 50-55% 1RM

5 Shuttle Sprints (20yd)

10 DB Thrusters

7 Shuttle Sprints(20yd)

5 DB Thrusters

9 Shuttle Sprints(20yd)